Saturation Mailing

Getting new customers in the door and adding their information to the company database has been a marketing challenge over the years. The solution Sunray Printing Solutions has perfected is "SELECT MAIL SATURATION". The Postal Service offers saturation mailing rates as low as $0.18 per piece. Compare that to the first class rate of $0.44, or the standard presort rate of $0.26 and you will see large savings in postage. What customers are surprised to find out, is that any business can mail a 20 page catalog, printed on 60# paper, folded to 8.5" x 11" for only $0.18 using saturation mail.


A saturation list, carefully chosen from local carrier routes, has success written all over it. Saturation mailings offer an environment free of competition, plus a much greater opportunity for branding since your ad won't be buried deep inside a newspaper.


If you're a business looking for an inexpensive way to increase sales, you might want to consider saturating your market. A saturation mailing is a targeted offer to the true customer base of your business. It is inexpensive in preparation and postage, and can reach customers very quickly.


I want to thank you and Sunray for the great programs we have had all year. Your work has been wonderful.